Who We Are

V&A, Inc. is a Florida (USA) Corporation since 1993 specializing in recruiting Information Technology professionals for our Clients, both private corporations and government organizations across the U.S.

We have been hiring talented Ukrainian people to work as Sourcers, Recruiters and Administrative Support since 2005. We are now a team of 40+ located in all regions of Ukraine working remotely from our home offices in cooperation with our U.S.-based Sales Team.

V&A Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a win-win situation for our clients, candidates, and employees by:

· providing our clients with the best talent to meet their specific needs and goals in a cost-effective manner that allows them to move forward with their projects even within the constraints of tight budgets and challenging project timelines.

· matching job seekers with unique and rewarding career opportunities that fit their skillsets, education, experiences, and aspirations.

· adhering to the highest level of professionalism and integrity by practicing full disclosure and transparency at every stage of the process; we start each search from scratch, only with the needs of the client in mind.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality staffing services for companies of all sizes and across various industries in the U.S. through integrity, persistence, creativity, dedication, speed and efficiency.

Our commitment to our mission and vision is best demonstrated by what our Clients and Candidates have to say about us.

Build Your Career with V&A in Ukraine

Thanks to our progressive team we have fostered a culture of hard work and mutual respect. As a team, we agree to follow certain rules and procedures to create a productive and stimulating work environment. These rules and procedures have secured our success since 1993 and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Everyone in our Company shares a goal of making the Company grow, and grow with it. What happens with the Company as a whole is a direct result of our individual actions and achievements. We support individual initiative and encourage you to be an active contributor to our decision-making. We expect our Employees to be honest, optimistic, enthusiastic, as well as work hard, uphold professional work ethics, and be respectful of each other.

Join our dynamic team of highly-motivated, result-driven professionals focused on growth and achievement and start your career with us.